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Gift Cards

Want to purchase or use a MemoryStitch e-gift card?

Gift cards are available under "Get Started." They work great for gifting friends and family!

Once you've purchased the electronic gift card, you'll receive an email with the information necessary to use the gift card at checkout. This email can then be forwarded to the friend or family member you are gifting.

When making a purchase at checkout, the customer can redeem the gift card by entering the unique code. If the amount available on the gift card is greater than or equal to the order total, then the customer can select Complete Order. If the amount available on the gift card is less than the order total, the customer will be prompted to enter a second method of payment to complete the transaction. Any leftover amounts can be used on future orders.

Promotional offers cannot be used when using a gift card as payment.

Gift cards are set to expire after three years.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the process, our team is happy to help. Email us at info@memorystitch.com or give us a call at (855) 792-4205.