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MemoryStitch quickly creates affordable, high-quality up-cycled quilts and other textile goods from well-loved t-shirts. We do what we do in order to improve the lives of our customers while also helping the planet and positively impacting the community.

MemoryStitch Quilt

We believe in the power of storytelling

Do you have drawers or boxes full of old t-shirts you haven't worn in years? Are they taking up space in your home, but you're still reluctant to throw them out? Those t-shirts could hold memories of high school, college, a passed loved one, or great vacations you took years ago. Anyone would hate to simply throw them out! Consider giving these t-shirts a new life in a cool quilt.


Let's begin telling your story

1) Collect Your Shirts

Select the T-shirts (front, back, or both) you want to use for your quilt, customize your T-shirt quilt. Prior to ordering, make sure you know about how many t-shirts you have and a general idea of the size of the t-shirts you have. We do have several different products to choose from, so make sure you've checked out all the products on our product page before you decide which one you're interested in! PRO TIP: It’s best to wash and dry your tees before beginning. Shirts that are a little worn are fine but avoid using those with holes or rips.


2) Cut and Send Your Shirts

The process is simple! Cut your shirts in half and only send us the sides you want included in your quilt. You can ship the correct number of shirts to us in a box or a bag, and make sure to include your order number. Check out the video below on proper preparation!

3) The Rest is on Us

You'll receive an email when we process your order and when your t-shirt quilt leaves our facility. And don't worry, your shirts are in great hands while they're here. We employ professional and highly-trained sewers who work directly for us! We don't outsource any of our work. You can rest assured that your memories are very important to us. We'll stitch together your shirts into an awesome T-shirt quilt, and ship it back to you anywhere in the US for FREE!

Long Lasting Memories

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